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Singularity? It is said that the Big Bang singularity is a point of zero volume, but very high mass, which makes the density infinite. This singularity contained all of the matter and energy in the Universe. The Big Bang itself created space, time, and all of the matter and energy we know today.

Thus, the big bang singularity is the beginning of space time – where matter and space were made ‘real’.

It is also the Big Bang that has made the Universe Grow to this stage. It is also believed that the Universe continues to grow even now because of the sheer energy released at the time of the Big Bang.

We at Singularity are no different from the Big Bang singularity!

We help businesses make a ‘new ’ beginning…and

we help businesses grow

… and build long lasting (universe like) mutually win-win relationships

is a full service Business Consulting and outsourcing company with a difference. We do not just advise. We implement what we suggest and thus are able to demonstrate that our ideas work in the real world.

We, at Singularity look forward to your business and assure you of our best services at all times.

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